American singer and songwriter YOUR BEST FRIEND'S FAVORITE BAND makes his official debut with the release of TIME OF YOUR LIFE, a high-energy, foot-stomping indie-pop/rock banger about a failed relationship. 
I am really enjoying the tone of his vocals and how passionate and expressive his vocal delivery is, soaring effortlessly over the energetic indie-pop/rock production. TIME OF YOUR LIFE is a reflective song about letting go of someone you love and finally being able to find true closure. The song's nostalgia takes the listeners through the ups and downs of a relationship and shares a message that sometimes we need to let go in order to move on and grow as individuals. This song is wrapped around a memorable production packed with cool electronics that are nicely paired with emotive piano chords, cool guitars and punchy percussion that create an overall explosive and euphoric atmosphere perfect for his evocative vocals to soar. I am loving the energy of the song and how it sounds perfect for a fun summer's weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, YOUR BEST'S FRIENDS FAVORITE BAND said,
Time of your life is about letting go of something you love. I was in a long term relationship with who I thought was my ‘soulmate’, my lifetime person. Yes, I was young, but it’s what I knew at the time. It was my complete truth. We got to a point where because of timing and location, we realized we’d be better off separated. This was such a difficult point for me to understand. How could you love someone so much and still be better off broken up? This song was therapeutic for me to write in understanding how to properly move on. I hope she is out finding happiness, purpose, and the person she wants to be. This song tells me that you can love someone a lot, and still know that letting them go is the best thing for both of you.