We Three Share Stunning New Single ‘Half Hearted’

Portland indie-pop sibling trio We Three have just shared their brand new single Half Hearted, a fan-favourite track from their album Dear PARANOIA, out now. 

I can always count on We Three to deliver heartfelt pieces of music and Half Hearted is no exception. Like many, I fell in love with the band when I saw their audition on America's Got Talent and I am so happy to see them having a successful career. I am a massive fan of Manny Humlie's powerful, passionate vocals which are packed with raw emotion and soar effortlessly over the warm pop/rock production. 

Half Hearted is a relatable song about the moment you know your relationship is over as the feelings have faded and there's nothing left to hold on to or fight about. This message is wrapped around a heart-rending pop power ballad with emotive piano chords being nicely paired with gorgeous guitar riffs and punchy drums that burst with energy as Manny's powerhouse vocals explode with emotion. I really love the way Manny Humlie's vocals instantly make us feel each and every single word he is singing, like we're also going through heartache. The burst of energy in the bridge is one of my favourite moments as it is packed with raw, honest emotion that easily showcases the band's incredible talents. 

Accompanying the release of this single, the band have shared its striking music video, directed by Derich Hartfeil, which features the Cirque du Soleil trapeze artists Duo Transcend. Check it out below!



As frontman Manny Humlie explained,

‘Half Hearted’ is about knowing that a relationship is over when the feelings have disappeared and there is nothing left to fight about.