vishruti Shares Debut Single ‘changing cities, reprise’

Indian singer and songwriter Vishruti Bindal (who goes by her first name) makes her official music debut with the release of her first single changing cities, reprise, a melancholic piano-based song.

I adore melancholy-infused songs drenched with emotion and changing cities, reprise beautifully delivers on that. I am very fond of vishruti's emotive vocal delivery which effortlessly infuses the song with a touch of vulnerability and emotion that I find quite captivating. changing cities, reprise talks about the difficult confrontations that come with moving to a new place, a combination of feelings, from leaving your loved ones behind to the uncertainties of what’s going to happen next, as well as the need to find yourself. If you ever had to move to a new place I am sure you can relate to this song which is beautifully wrapped by a warm piano-driven melody nicely paired with simple ambient synths that enhance the nostalgia and melancholia of her storytelling. Check it out below!