The Vindys Share New Single ‘Bugs’

Ohio-based band The Vindys have just shared their brand new single Bugs, the title track of their latest album, out now. 

I am really enjoying Jackie Popovec's powerful, confident vocal delivery which flow effortlessly over the edgy alt-rock production. Jackie's vocals are nicely backed by a memorable production packed with lush, soaring guitar riffs, killer bass and punchy percussion which create a high energy atmosphere that I find quite captivating. This is one of those songs perfect to rock out and to get you in a good mood in no time. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jackie Popovec said,

The title track Bugs has both literal and symbolic meanings for me personally. Songwriting for me is therapeutic in the sense that I tend to memorialize the things that “Bug” me through song, and I let it go once it’s written. In a literal sense, there was the one time that I had discovered thousands of yellow jackets living in my ceiling right above my bed. If I hadn’t called The Bee Man (a Youngstown beekeeper) to come the next day, the weight of the hives they made in the ceiling would have fallen and it could've been very dangerous. This event inspired the song and later the title of the album.


The Vindys are:
singer / songwriter/ guitarist, Jackie Popovec
John Anthony on guitar / harmony vocals 
Ed Davis on drums / harmony vocals 
Matt Jackson on bass 
Rick Deak on guitar / harmony vocals