The Shadowboxers Share New Single ‘When You Were Mine’

The Shadowboxers, the project of Americans Scott Tyler, Matt Lipkins and Adam Hoffman, have just shared their brand new single When You Were Mine, an upbeat piece of indie-pop music out now via Joyride Music Group. 

I am really fond of those distinctive vocals and how they instantly command the listener's attention to their relatable storytelling. The infectious chorus is perfect to sing along to and it gives me some Bee Gee vibes that I think makes the song stand out even more. When You Were Mine walks that fine line between sweet reminiscence and a cold reality, showing that memories can bring happiness, but also pain in not being able to live them anymore. This message is wrapped around a warm indie/alt-rock production packed with memorable percussion, gorgeous guitar riffs (loving the guitar solo) and upbeat melodies that create an overall feel-good, laid-back atmosphere perfect for a fun summer's day. Check it out below!