Sam Louis Shares New Single ‘Die Tonight’

Canadian singer and songwriter Sam Louis has just shared his brand new single Die Tonight, a smooth r&b-infused piece of electro-pop music about the notorious cultural association between sex and death. 

I am really enjoying his soulful, passionate vocal delivery (and lovely falsetto) which soar beautifully over the warm production. The song’s story was written in the vein of a movie script, featuring two characters who end up together in a time that feels like the world is falling apart around them. 

I am very fond of the cinematic atmosphere of the production and how it beautifully blends lush synths, with a killer bassline and an epic electric guitar solo that create the perfect soundscape for his vocals to soar. If you're into beautifully-written pieces of music that blends electro-pop and r&b elements with an overall laid-back atmosphere and great vocals, then you'll love Die Tonight. Check it out below!