Nea & SHY Martin Share New Single ‘No Regrets’

Acclaimed Swedish artists and songwriters Nea and SHY Martin have teamed up to release a gorgeous new single titled No Regrets, out now via Milkshake. 

I am a fan of SHY Martin's silky-smooth, dulcet vocals and I was just happy to hear she had a new song as I could listen to her singing for hours. I am really enjoying how her vocals are nicely paired with Nea's smooth, expressive tone and how they flow effortlessly over the upbeat electro-pop production. 

No Regrets has all the makings to be a summer smash anthem and shares a message of enjoying life to the fullest with no regrets (I need to start doing that asap). Apart from their gorgeous vocals, I am loving the upbeat production and infectious melodies that create an uplifting, sun-soaked atmosphere perfect for carefree summer holidays. Accompanying the release, Nea and SHY Martin shared its official music video, directed, shot and edited by Ted Malmros, which effortlessly enhances the song's feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, SHY Martin describes,

Me, Nea and Victor Thell wrote 'No Regrets' last spring and completely fell in love with the song. We’ve been talking about doing a song together for a while and this felt like the perfect one.

Nea notes,

I’m so thankful I get to go to places like LA and London where I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best writers and artists in the world. LA is amazing and brings amazing opportunities but it can also be a very lonely city. That’s why it’s been so nice the times I’ve been there at the same time as SHY Martin, just to hang out with a friend from home in between studio sessions means a lot.