Miinou Shares New Single ‘Without You’

Swedish singer and songwriter Miinou has just shared her brand new single Without You, a captivating piece of electro-pop music out now via Ninetone Records.

I am really enjoying her warm, confident vocals which soar effortlessly over the infectious production. Without You is a relatable song about getting tired of giving so much of you into a relationship and not getting nearly as much as you give, making you want to want to leave and move on. Unfortunately this is something quite common, there's always someone that puts more work and love in a relationship, and there's a point when you just get tired of not being appreciated that you just want to move on. This message is wrapped around a warm electro-pop production with cool guitar plucks nicely paired with steady percussion and catchy electronics that create a warm and confident atmosphere perfect for Miinou's gorgeous vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Miinou said,

This song means a lot to me as it is my first self-written song with other song writers. It is about moving on from a relationship where someone does not give back as much as you give, so in the end you get tired of the situation. I enjoyed very much to learn how to build a song and how to write it and that increased passion to write my own music in the future.