Megan de Kruijf Shares Debut Single ‘Heroes’

British/Dutch singer, songwriter and actress Megan de Kruijf has just shared her official debut single Heroes, an upbeat electro-pop/alt-rock song. 

I am really enjoying the tone of Megan de Kruijf's vocals and how they soar beautiully over the warm melodies. Heroes is a song about wanting to be and feel loved and is wrapped a memorable production that beautifully blends electronic, pop and rock elements into a fresh piece of music. I am particularly fond of the guitar riffs and punchy drums that give the song a cool edge and contrast with Megan's dulcet tones. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Megan de Kruijf said,

The concept for Heroes came about in a club toilet stall. I would describe my state of mind at that moment as romantically intoxicated. High of the invincibility of being a teenager that goes hand in hand with being heroic and sometimes slightly selfish. Hungover in bed the next morning (afternoon..) I realised I am not a hero, I just want to feel as loved as I did out and about with my friends that night.