Maren Davidsen & Tudor Monroe Share New Single ‘Damage Done’

Norwegian singer and songwriter Maren Davidsen joined forces with Romanian producer Tudor Monroe to deliver a high-energy, emotion piece of electro-pop music titled Damage Done
Out now via Allerton Records, Damage Done beautifully showcases Maren Davidsen's distinctive timbre and warm vocal delivery which soars beautifully over Tudor Monroe's upbeat and iconic production. I am really fond of the captivating blend of deep house with inspiring and dynamic grooves that create an overall warm, danceable atmosphere. The song is drenched with emotion as it tackles issues of a fragile relationship in which two lovers work hard to let go and forgive each other's mistakes. I am particularly fond of the infectious beat, killer bass, subtle guitar plucks and dynamic grooves that instantly make the song memorable and enhance the emotion pouring from Maren Davidsen's vocal delivery. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Maren Davidsens said,

For me personally, I’ve always been a true believer of coming clean whenever forgiveness is due. I learned that it usually comes with a price - you know you’ve done the right thing but you’re left with a loved one wondering if they can trust you. The song represents how hopeless I was feeling at the time, unable to let go but knowing the agony of staying.