LOWIN & Christian Currence Share New Single ‘Maybe I’m the one that’s crazy’

Swedish songwriter, remixer and producer LOWIN has teamed up with South Carolina-based singer and songwriter Christian Currence to deliver an upbeat song titled Maybe I'm the one that's crazy, out now via Ninetone Records. 
I am really enjoying the flow of Christian Currence's vocals which soar effortlessly over the upbeat, groovy melodies. Maybe I’m the one that’s crazy is a song about the world and society not working as it should, that you start to question yourself, is it me who is crazy? LOWIN's production is quite addictive and it seamlessly blends Hip-Hop, R&B and Electronic elements with Pop sensibilities, making this song a memorable and enthralling listening experience. I am particularly fond of the brass elements, groovy guitar plucks and infectious energy that will get you dancing in no time. Check it out below!