Julia Lostrom Shares New Single ‘Want It All Back’

Melbourne-based, Zambian-raised and Greek-born singer-songwriter Julia Lostrom has just shared her brand new single Want It All Back, a neo soul-infused piece of r&b music. 

I am in love with Julia Lostrom's silky smooth, honeyed vocals that soar effortlessly over the warm, syncopated rhythms. Want It All Back encapsulates the importance of taking care of yourself even when everything seems to be fine. 

This message is wrapped around a memorable production by Hamley and Max Glyde who beautifully deconstructed modern pop with elements of alternative R&B and electronic undertones. Apart from Julia Lostrom's vocals I am very fond of the warm synths and melodic basslines which enhance the song's overall chill vibes. A great song to listen to on a relaxing weekend in the sun or in the comfort of your home. Check it out below!



On the track Julia said,

I hope people take whatever they need from this song. If it connects to anyone sonically, lyrically or visually I’d feel extremely honoured. I write to connect to myself and process my life and if anyone resonates with it, then that’s amazing. Lockdown really made me reevaluate my music and pushed me to learn more about myself. Going within and re-connecting to my ‘why' helped me find a place with my music I’m truly proud of, and I feel like it represents who I am and where I want to go.