Jotsey Shares New Single ‘DGBMH’

British singer and songwriter Jotsey has just shared his brand new single DGBMH, a captivating alt/pop song about a breakup. 
DGBMH, Don't Go Breaking My Heart, is a relatable song about a breakup, being surprised with the way the other person quicky and easily decides to leave the relationship, leaving you with a wound that will take time to heal. I think most of us have been through this and breakups do hurt and I love how Jotsey beautifully conveys these emotions in the song. I am particularly fond of his distinctive vocals and how they instantly infuse the song with a touch of vulnerability and emotion that I find quite captivating. I am also very fond of the melancholic touch and warm atmosphere that is paired with somewhat of an upbeat production. Check it out below! ow easily the other person decides to leave the relationship



Speaking about the song, Jotsey said,
I wrote DGBMH from the perspective of the other party in a breakup. I am so used to writing songs from my viewpoint and sharing my thoughts on matters and events that I thought it would help me write more creatively if I wrote something from another person's take on an event, or in this case a break up. The song talks about how someone can leave you so quickly and easily and it tends to leave a very bitter taste and a wound that doesn't easily heal for quite some time.