Heckyl Shares New Single ‘Bubblegum’

Heckyl, the project of British singer, songwriter and producer Luke Potter, is back with yet another gem titled Bubblegum, an infectious electro-pop song about hoping that the one you love feels the same way.

 As always, it's Heckyl's voice that drew my attention to the song and I love how easily it soars over the upbeat melodies. Apart from his distinctive vocals, I am very fond of the way the production creates a warm atmosphere that enhances his vocal delivery and storytelling. Bubblegum is a song about not knowing if the one you love feels the same way, how that uncertainty hurts and how sometimes it's the hope that kills you. This message is wrapped around a polished production packed with a memorable chorus, intricate guitar plucks that are nicely paired with an infectious beat and tons of energy. Check it out below!