Ezra Jordan Unveils New Single ‘bitter’

Canadian Pop/R&B singer and songwriter Ezra Jordan has just shared his brand new single bitter, the second single to be taken from his upcoming EP. 
I am really enjoying his smooth, soulful vocals which are wrapped around a warm pop-infused r&b production. bitter is a relatable song about knowing that life is not only good things, and how bad things happen and going through the hard times makes you appreciate the good moments even more. I can perfectly relate to what he is singing about as life isn't just one thing and social media tends to send a message that life is just positive things while in reality it's a balance of good and bad moments. This message is wrapped around a memorable soulful, r&b production with lush piano chords nicely paired with steady percussion and a gorgeous guitar solo which create a warm atmosphere for his gorgeous vocals to soar. Definitely one of those songs I'd play after a long, stressful day. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Ezra Jordan said,
I wrote bitter when I was fed up with the over the top sense of gratitude and positivity that seems to be hurled at every possible situation these days, especially online. The point of the song isn’t to say that gratitude or happiness is a bad thing, but more that if that’s all you ever feel, is it even true anymore? Sometimes bad things happen, and you have to go through the hard parts in order to get the benefit of experience later, rather than staying mindlessly positive about everything. You can’t have the sweet without the bitter. Writing bitter was one of those magical creative moments where a song came out of the blue all at once, almost fully formed. I was on the phone with my manager talking about my career and our next steps, and feeling pretty pessimistic about it. After we finished the call, I asked myself why I was feeling this way when so many other artists seem to be excited about their music and their careers all the time. I remember thinking, “why should I be excited all the time, not everything about this industry is glamorous or fun. Why can’t I be bitter?” And at that moment, the light bulb went off. 30 minutes later I had written the song.