Em Ly Shares Debut Single ‘Quiet Spaces’

Australian singer and songwriter Em Ly has just shared her official debut single Quiet Spaces, a captivating song with a powerful message. 

Em Ly has rediscovered her love for music and has used it as a way to overcome a depressive episode as well as past trauma. Written in collaboration with Erin Clare (erin.) and recorded and produced by Adrian Breakspear (Gang of Youths, CLEWS, Johnny Hunter), Quiet Spaces is a song that tells the story of her own experiences of domestic violence and coercive control in past relationships, giving a voice to survivors who have been through the same. I am really enjoying her lovely vocals which are packed with raw emotion, soaring effortlessly over the warm production. I am particularly fond of the emotive piano keys and how the song builds up into a beat-driven epic final chorus, with plenty of emotionally dramatic moments along the way. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Em Ly said,

Over time, people who use coercive control tactics isolate you, and convince you that you’re worthless. I wanted to capture how these types of toxic relationships push you past your breaking point and make you doubt your reality and sense of identity.