Dash Hutton Shares New Single ‘Not Ready to Come Down’

Los Angeles singer and songwriter Dash Hutton has just shared his brand new single Not Ready to Come Down, a warm piece of indie-folk music.
I am really enjoying Dash Hutton's smooth and soothing vocal delivery which flows effortlessly over the warm production. Not Ready to Come Down is a relatable song about realising it's time to move on but still not being ready to close a chapter in your life. This message is wrapped around a lovely indie-folk production with intricate acoustic guitar melodies, subtle percussion and lush strings creating a warm and intimate atmosphere for his lovely vocals to soar. This is one of those songs perfect for an introspective, laid-back weekend at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Dash Hutton said,
I wrote this song in one fell swoop during the height of the pandemic. The words to this track came from somewhere deep down, and they capture a moment of reflection when I was sensing a sea change coming. The lyrics ‘not quite ready to come down’ are referring to the feeling of not being ready to close a chapter, but realizing that a big part of my life has already been written and now it's time to turn the page to the next one.