Courtney Paige Nelson Shares New Single ‘Cry Wolf’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Courtney Paige Nelson has just shared her brand new single Cry Wolf, her first new single since the release of her latest EP, Fever Dream, in May this year.

Like its predecessors, Cry Wolf continues to showcase Courtney Paige Nelson's storytelling abilities and gorgeous vocals which are the star of the song in my opinion. I am really fond of her warm, rich vocals and how confident her vocal delivery is, soaring beautifully over the infectious electro-pop production. 

Cry Wolf is a song about gaslighting, being manipulated and the effect it has on you. This is quite a relatable song as many people in toxic relationships go through this and Courtney Paige Nelson beautifully captures the feelings of going through all this. Cry Wolf is wrapped around a memorable electro-pop production packed with a killer bass guitar that is nicely paired with cool guitar riffs, punchy percussion and powerful, dark-tinged synths that give the song a sombre touch. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Courtney Paige Nelson said,

I connected with an ex a few months ago and we were getting to a great level of friendship to where I felt comfortable allowing this person back into my space. That was until he blew up on me for not responding fast enough for him. It gave me flashbacks of the manipulation and abuse I experienced in the actual relationship I experienced years prior with him. So after that red flag, I ended communication and wrote this song about gaslighting and the effect it has on you when you are stuck in the cycle. The idea expands on how when you are being manipulated in that way, and you try to leave, the other person will usually Cry Wolf and manipulate you so you think you're the problem and ultimately you end up staying in a toxic cycle. I think everyone can relate to this in someway or think of someone who has. Gaslighting is something I've experienced in previous relationships. I've never found a song that I could connect with enough to explain how i felt in those situations, so I wrote one. I use music to connect how I'm feeling, so it's important that I have songs that can do that. Music is a form of expression for me.