Boye & Sigvardt Share New Single ‘Over Till It’s Over’

Danish DJ & Producer duo Boye & Sigvardt have just shared their brand new single Over Till It's Over, an uptempo piece of Future Bass/EDM, out now via Twenty Twenty/GL Music Entertainment. 

This is just the song I needed to give me a much needed extra dose of energy to get through the day and I think you will love it as much as I am. For this song, the Danish duo teamed up with singer and songwriter Conor Byrne whose lush vocals flow beautifully over the upbeat production, instantly infusing it with a touch of emotion. 

Over Till It's Over is a song about that moment when you realize you can't lose a relationship even if you’ve already lost it or you're about to. This message is wrapped around a fresh and bouncy electronic production that blends House and Bass elements with pop sensibilities, making it one of the most "radio-friendly" songs they've ever made. It's a great song for a fun summer's day out and about. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Boye & Sigvardt said,

Over Till It's Over" is properly one of the most "radio-friendly" songs we've ever made. It's a short up-tempo house tune. The song goes in triplet which gives it an interesting flow. We wanted to make this tune simple and strong. A lot of effort was put into the details with the small sounds and transitions, but except for that and heavy layering it's pretty straight forward.