Amir Vahidi Shares New Single ‘Images’

Dutch singer and songwriter Amir Vahidi has just shared his brand new single Images, an upbeat electro-pop song. 
Written following a long trip Amir made through Australia and New Zealand, Images beautifully captures all the feelings that came from such long journey, from the joyful moments to the loneliness. I am really enjoying his smooth vocals and how they are nicely backed by an upbeat production packed with groovy guitar riffs which are perfectly intertwined with rhythmic percussion and hazy synths that create an overall sun-soaked, feel-good atmosphere. 
This is one of those songs perfect to be the soundtrack of your summer holidays or for those chill days at home. I am also enjoying the touches of melancholia in the song that beautifully contrast its upbeat and energetic electronic production. Check it out below!