Ali & The Parade Shares New Single ‘Infatuated’

Ali & The Parade, the brainchild of Scottish singer and songwriter Ali Robertson, has just shared his brand new single Infatuated, an upbeat piece of alt/electro-pop music. 

I am loving his passionate vocal delivery and how it instantly draws the listener's attention to his relatabe storytelling. Infatuated is a song about that moment when you fall in love with the person across the dancefloor. It explores how mesmerizing it is to be infatuated by someone and is wrapped around a memorable electronic production that got me in a good mood in no time. 

I am particularly fond of the groovy bass and guitar riffs that are perfectly intertwined with infectious percussion and bright, retro-tinged synths that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere that oozes carefree summer days. I'm loving that chorus which is perfect to sing along to and gives the song a cool anthemic touch. This is one of those songs perfect for a night out with friends and to get everybody in a good mood and dancing in no time. Check it out below!