ZORILA Share New Single ‘Promenade’

Chicago-based indie-pop/rock band ZORILA have just shared their brand new single Promenade, a captivating indie rock song about the journey from battling with yourself to a relieved self-acceptance. 

This is quite a cool piece of music with smooth vocals flowing effortlessly an infectious organic instrumentation that creates quite a warm and intimate atmosphere for the storytelling to soar. Apart from the expressive vocals I am very fond of the blend of soft guitar strums and drum patterns that are later joined by an impressive saxophone solo at the bridge. 

Promenade is a song about the importance to tackle problems head on, trying to become the best version of ourselves. This message is wrapped around a catchy pop/rock production that has quite a warm atmosphere perfect for a laid-back, introspective day at home. Accompanying the release, the band have shared its official music video, directed by Philip Goode, which perfectly captures the essence at atmosphere of the song. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, band member Stew said,

The intent of the promenade music video was to keep it simple. It’s essentially just a video about us collaborating and writing the song together! Just a bunch of guys being dudes!