Vân Scott Shares New Single ‘Don’t Know the Words’

Vân Scott, the solo project of American indie-pop singer and songwriter Scott Oatley, has just shared his brand new single Don’t Know the Words, the latest single to be taken from his first full-length solo album, Almost Gone, set to arrive on July 23rd via AWAL/Oat Brand Music. 

I am a fan of Vân Scott's powerful, expressive vocals which are packed with tons of emotions, instantly connecting the listener to his storytelling. The song literally pokes fun at Scott's lack of lyrical knowledge, but also serves as a metaphor for having no idea what you’re doing in life. Unfortunately I tend to have many days where I find myself clueless of what I am doing with my life and that can be quite stressful, so I appreciate the way Vân Scott captures these feelings and put them through an upbeat, feel-good production. This song is wrapped around a memorable production that blends modern elements with lively, vintage grooves that will make you want to get up and dance in no time. I am particularly fond of the piano chords and the fuzzy pairing between the synth and electric guitar that bursts through in the middle of the track. Check it out below!