TITUS BANK Shares New Single ‘Hide Me Like You Do’

Canadian pop singer and songwriter TITUS BANK has just shared his brand new single Hide Me Like You Do, a catchy electro-pop song out now via Everything Forever. 

I am really enjoying the way TITUS BANK's vocals shift from a smooth croon to a soulful vibrato to a note-perfect howl that instantly makes the song quite a memorable listening experience. Hide Me Like You Do is a relatable song about knowing that your partner isn't as fully open and dedicated to your relationship as much as you are, enhancing the emotional distress and raw vulnerability that comes from it. Apart from his gorgeous vocals and effortless storytelling, I am also very fond of the warm production packed with emotive piano chords, soaring synth lines and heavy drums that allow for the emotion pouring from his vocals to soar. I am also very fond of the backing vocals that give the song an anthemic touch packed with tons of emotion. Quite a gorgeous piece of pop music that I think you will enjoy. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, TITUS BANK said,

“Hide Me Like You Do” was the first song I wrote with Valley, and it was really special because it sparked a chemistry that I’ve never experienced before with any other songwriters. We spent the day getting to know each other, and then started writing the song by brainstorming title ideas and going from there. It was really organic and natural.