Stephen Sanchez Shares Heartwarming New Single ‘Kayla’

18 year old, Nashville-based singer and songwriter Stephen Sanchez has just shared his brand new single Kayla, a heartwarming song out now via Republic Records.

I am absolutely in love with his distinctive tone and how his vocal delivery is packed with raw, honest emotion, effortlessly connecting the listener to his storytelling. Written by Stephen and produced by Ian Fitchuck, Kayla tells a story about one of his friends who he'd long harbored feelings for. This is a stunning unrequited love story that is wrapped around a polished production with pedal steel wrapping around delicately picked acoustic guitar and lush strings. The whole production is quite warm and intimate which allows for the raw emotion of his vocal delivery to soar. Quite a stunning song perfect for an introspective or laid-back day at home. Check it out below!



On the track Stephen said,
I wrote Kayla while sitting alone in my bedroom thinking about this girl (Kayla) I had a thing for 2 years ago. I wanted to write her this song because at the time she didn’t see all the wonder I saw in her. I wanted to capture that wonder in hopes that maybe she’d see it for herself someday. With this song I hope people are brought back to a child-like innocence all love has at its core and that the lyrics would “hit-home” enough for someone to look at love with a little more heart.