Sam Winston Shares New Single ‘Til I Make Peace With War’

London-based alternative folk-pop singer/songwriter Sam Winston has just shared his brand new single Til I Make Peace With War, a heartfelt piece of music.

The follow-up to his popular comeback track Damaged Goods, released later in 2020, Til I Make Peace With War beautifully showcases Sam Winston's honest storytelling and dynamic vocal range. I am a fan of Sam Winston's emotive vocal delivery and how we can feel each and every single word he sings. I am loving the song's heartfelt melodies and emotive piano chords that effortlessly match the heavily introspective lyrics. 

Til I Make Peace With War is an allegory of his battle with a chronic health issue and the ensuing anxiety. Speaking about it, Sam Winston said,

at times, I couldn't sing without great physical pain due to a throat condition. I felt like my core as an individual was being slowly eroded. I chose this particular raw tone to reflect the gravity of the situation. Its fragile timbre seemed a perfect match for the bittersweet lyrics.

This relatable storytelling is wrapped around a warm production packed with emotive piano chords and subtle percussion that enhance the raw emotion pouring from his heartfelt vocal delivery. Definitely a memorable and enthralling listening experience with touches of melancholia and bittersweet lyrics. Check it out below!