Sam Walwyn Shares New Single ‘Littered Sense Of You’

Fast-rising British singer and songwriter Sam Walwyn has just unveiled his uplifting new single Littered Sense Of You, out now via Rotoma Records. 

Taken from his forthcoming new EP, which is set to arrive in October, Littered Sense Of You is a relatable song about still thinking about someone you've broken up with, realising you're not over them as you thought you were. I am really enjoying his smooth, passionate vocal delivery which soars over a fresh and vibrant pop-rock production. I am particularly fond of the guitars, shimmering synths and steady percussion that create a warm atmosphere that enhances the heartfelt and emotional songwriting. Quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience that you can check out below!



Speaking about the new track, Sam Walwyn said,
After nearly a year of a bad end to a relationship I realised ohh if I'm still thinking about them so much then I'm clearly not over them. All this time I've been convincing myself I was over them and comparing any current relationship to that previous one. This is when I realised ahh man I'm way more heartbroken than I thought I was, so I wrote Littered Sense of You.