Mason Owens Unveils New Single ‘Stoned In The Vallies’

British singer and songwriter Mason Owens has just shared his brand new single Stoned in the Vallies, a warm indie-pop/folk song about wanting to be free. 

His first single of 20201 and the first to be taken from his upcoming highly-anticipated Early Hours EP, Stoned In The Vallies is an honest and heartfelt piece of music that effortlessly draws the listener's attention to his storytelling. I am particularly fond of Mason Owens's lovely vocals which are packed with raw emotion and soar beautifully over the intricate acoustic guitar melodies. Stoned In The Vallies was written by Mason two years ago and is about feeling trapped and wanting to be free. There's a touch of melancholia in this song that I find quite captivating and its whole warm atmosphere makes it perfect for a relaxing, laid-back weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Mason Owens said,
Stoned in the Vallies is about wanting to be free. It’s about the feeling of being caged up and not being able to remember what freedom feels like. My head wasn't necessarily in a bad place at the time (though the spelling of ‘Vallies’ does give a nod to a well-known anti-depressant). I just wanted to get out there and get my life back on track.