Kovic Shares New Single ‘All Night All My Life’

English singer, songwriter and producer Kovic has just shared his brand new single All Night All My Life, a cool electro-pop song about reminiscing the good moments of a past relationship. 

The follow up to his hit singles Better Love and Wake Up Tomorrow, All Night All My Life continues to showcases Kovic's knack to deliver sweet, beautifully-written pop songs drenched with emotion. I am a fan of his emotive vocal delivery and how it effortlessly connects the listener to his relatable storytelling. 

This is a passionate song about looking back at a past relationship, wondering if they still think about the good moments, showing that, even though they are apart, the love is still there. This message is wrapped around a polished production with frenzied pop melodies packed with memorable guitars, captivating percussion and lush electronics that create an overall warm atmosphere that enhances the emotion pouring from his vocals. Check it out below!