Daniela de Izcue Shares New Single ‘Obsesioná’ feat. MAYLO

Peruvian singer and songwriter Daniela de Izcue has just shared her brand new single Obsesioná, a warm piece of r&b music about the sexual desire you have for someone.

I am really enjoying the song's warmth and laid-back vibes which I think you guys will enjoy as well. Daniela de Izcue's vocals are quite powerful and sultry, beautifully conveying the emotion and sensuality of her storytelling. I am also enjoying how Daniela's luscious tone is nicely paired with MAYLO's effortless flow and how they are perfectly backed by a warm latin-infused, contemporary R&B production. 

Obsesioná talks about the sexual desire you have for a specific person when you are young, specially when you just walked out of a relationship and have experienced a heartbreak. In this song, Daniela tries to move on by distracting herself imagining scenarios with the perfect idea of a boy. If you're looking for a warm, latin-infused piece of r&b with lush, sultry vocals and an overall warm, sensual and laid-back atmosphere, then you'll love Obsesioná. Check it out below!