Dan B. Patrick Shares Debut Single ‘Waiting’

London-based Irish singer and songwriter Dan B. Patrick makes his official musical introduction with the release of his stunning debut single Waiting, out now via Self & Soul Records. 

I am absolutely in love with his tenderly crooning vocals and how passionate his delivery is, effortlessly connecting the listener to his raw and intimate form of songwriting. You can really feel each and every single word he's singing. Waiting is a song about the darker aspects of a relationship where someone is completely lost in someone. This message is wrapped around emotive piano chords nicely intertwined with heartrending string interjections that enhance the song's emotional touch. Waiting is an imporessive debut single packed with tons of emotion and it sounds perfect for those warm, introspective days home alone. Check it out below!



Of the single, Dan said:

‘Waiting’ is a song about becoming completely lost in someone, consumed by them almost. First and foremost, it is a love song but it also explores the darker elements of a relationship. It is about being unashamedly vulnerable to a person, even if that person is careless with that vulnerability. I’m generally less interested in writing about the emotions that lie on the periphery of human experience and Waiting doesn’t feel like an exception. It took me about 4 years to finish this song. I remember accidentally stumbling across the piano motif in one of my first piano lessons but I could never find the words to match the delicacy of the piano part. After constructing and deconstructing the song many times over those years, one day the chorus slipped out and I knew that it was finally finished.