Chloe Rodgers Shares New Single ‘Better View’

British singer and songwriter Chloe Rodgers has just shared her brand new single Better View, a jazzy piece of music out via Crowds & Power. 

I am a fan of Chloe's smooth, dulcet tone and how her vocal delivery flows beautifully over the warm, feel-good production. I am particularly fond of the awesome sax and cello plucks that are nicely intertwined with smooth percussion, cool guitar riffs and delicate piano chords. Better View sees Chloe Rodgers swapping out her usual brand of pulsing and atmospheric alt-pop in order to embark on a far more organic and groove-laden intention, creating a smooth and soulful croon. This is one of those songs perfect for a relaxing, laid-back day at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new single, Chloe said,

Better View is a tune I wrote a while back about how I imagine growing old with somebody to be. It really reminds me of this wonderful couple I know, Paul & Caz, who are just perfect for each other. I love the instrumentation in the song and am proud of everyone who played on it. It’s exciting to finally be releasing a song with happier, more upbeat vibes.