Carl Chaste Shares New Single ‘Change’

French DJ, drummer and electronic music producer has just shared his brand new single Change, a highly hypnotic piece of Deep House music out now via Potion Records.

Change is a perfect example of Carl Chaste's unique sound which comes out as a very raw, straight-to-the-point approach to House music. I am loving the bass and cool rhythms that instantly create a warm, feel-good atmosphere that will get you moving in no time. The deep, spoken vocals are quite hypnotic and infuse a sense of calm that I find quite captivating. I found myself fully surrendered to the words and hypnotic beat that sounds perfect for those upcoming, lounge-y sunset pool parties to come. Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking about the track, he said,
Imagine a hotline available to remind you to be yourself despite the weight of social pressure - Don't let them tell you you need to change just because you feel a little strange.