Breezy Love Shares New Single ‘Think Too Much’

Chicago based singer and songwriter Breezy Love has just shared her brand new single Think Too Much, a captivating folk-pop song about dealing with anxiety.

I am really enjoying the brass section and how passionate her vocal delivery is, packed with confidence and raw emotion. Think To Much is a relatable song about her struggles with anxiety and how she tends to think too much about things. As an overthinker and someone that also struggles with anxiety I can perfectly relate to what she's singing. 

Think Too Much is wrapped around a memorable production that beautifully blends jazz, folk and latin music elements into a memorable listening experience. I am particularly fond of the intricate guitar riffs, steady percussion and somewhat of a mexican/mariachi-meets-gypsy-folk vibes. It's quite a quirky piece of music that builds up with energy and emotion and its infectious chorus makes it perfect to sing along to. Check it out below!