Bex & Bright Share New Single ‘Away’ ft. LUC

Bex & Bright have just shared their brand new single Away, featuring the lovely vocals of singer-songwriter LUC. 

I am loving the song's warm and melancholic atmosphere that takes the listener on a relatable journey of giving someone your heart only to have them smash it when they simply disappear, like vapor in the night air. I think most of us have gone through similar things and having your heart broken is unfortunately part of life. I love how LUC's gorgeous vocals beautifully convey the emotions that come from heartbreak and betrayal and they flow effortlessly over a memorable lo-fi pop production. I am particularly fond of the hazy synths, cool percussion and deep bass that accentuate the song's melancholic atmosphere which is perfect for an introspective day home alone with one's thoughts. Check it out below!