Belz Shares New Single ‘Psycho’

US singer and songwriter Belz has just shared her brand new single Psycho, a cool pop song about a girl who has gone through a bad breakup, and the other person seems to be telling other people she is a “psycho”. 

I am really enjoying Belz's smooth, dulcet tones and how expressive her vocal delivery is, flowing beautifully over the playful, yet eerie, pop melodies. I am particularly fond of the way the song is written, with an effortless storytelling that captured my attention from the start. Psycho is a song about a girl being called a psycho following a bad breakup and in a cynical way she accepts it with a "so what" attitude. There's always different sides to stories people say when relationships end and Psycho is a powerful yet eerie song that describes the aftermath of these feelings and thoughts during this situation. Check it out below!