WILLO Unveil New Single ‘As They Always Do’

WILLO, the project of French singers and songwriters Cécile and Olivier, have just shared their brand new single As They Always Do, a soulful ballad out now via Kaa Production. 

The follow up to their latest singles I Go and Does Anyone Know, As They Always Do is the fourth single to be taken from their upcoming album and is quite a memorable listening experience. I am loving the warm, gentle vocals which flow beautifully over the soul-tinged, slow tempo instrumental. I am particularly fond of the live instrumentation with groovy bass, steady drums and memorable guitar solo. I am also very fond of how this mesmerising 4-minute ballad creates such a warm, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, the duo said,

"As They Always Do" was inspired by the scene of two young lovers. They were on the street locked inside their own world consuming with passion every aspect of a love affair in a few minutes. From argument through tenderness and despair to absolute love. A stormy theatrical moment that led us to remember the bittersweet taste of an old love story”.