Vân Scott Shares New Single ‘Long Time Comin’’

Following the release of his gorgeous single What's Coming Next?, Vân Scott, the solo project of American indie-pop singer and songwriter Scott Oatley, has just shared his brand new single Long Time Comin', the latest single to be taken from his first full-length solo album, Almost Gone, set to arrive on July 23rd via AWAL/Oat Brand Music.

I am loving his powerful, expressive vocals and how they beautifully connect the listener to his emotionally-charged storytelling. Long Time Comin' is a relatable song about finally being able to move on and getting better following a struggle with depression. This anthemic message is wrapped around an 80s-tinged pop production with lush synths, punchy percussion and a memorable electric guitar solo. I am loving the liberating energy of the song and how it sounds perfect to sing along to. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Vân Scott said,
“Long Time Comin” is an emotionally charged, 80s-imbued anthem. It’s one of a handful of songs from the album that I wrote during a very productive and inspiring trip to Nashville in 2019. We weren’t writing for me specifically, but I realized later just how autobiographical this song was. Spiritually and mentally, I was on the up and up, following my rebound from a long period of depression and doubt. I could recognize that the funk was finally “slippin’ away,” and that “the rock bottom” was now behind me. The synth/guitar solo that Chad threw down on this song is still one of my favorite musical moments on the album, if not ever. You can actually feel your spirit soar with the melody, which is both liberating and heartbreaking. This track almost summarizes the album itself with its hopeful, yet melancholic quality.