townsend Shares New Single ‘Face’

townsend, the moniker of Nashville-based singer, songwriter, musician and producer John Townsend, has just shared his brand new single Face, a high-energy piece of pop-rock music. 

I am really enjoying his passionate and confident vocal delivery which soars effortlessly over the energetic production. Written, produced and mixed by townsend, Face is a high-energy pop-rock song, with touches of punk, about struggling to have a healthy way to let one's emotions out. This message is wrapped around a memorable production packed with soaring guitars and punchy percussion which enhances the emotion and energy pouring from his gorgeous vocal delivery. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, townsend said, I've always been the close guarded type. I put up walls even with those I trust (love) most and as a result I don't really have a healthy way to let my emotions out. Maybe it was 2020 that was the tipping point or maybe I would've figured that out one day but regardless that's what inspired this song. It's almost an apology to someone but more so me writing about how I feel sometimes. I