Tamaraebi Shares New Single ‘Waistline’

Nigerian-born, London-based singer and songwriter Tamaraebi has just shared his brand new single Waistline, a clubby track taken from his new Spectrum EP, out now via Believe.

I am a fan of his soulful vocals and how smoothly they glide over the infectious production. Inspired Michael Sembello’s Maniac, Waistline is a clubby track with skipping rhythms, synthesized guitar and top notes of reggaeton that instantly got me in a good mood and wanting to get up and dance. There's also a touch of sensuality that I find quite captivating and its overall warm, feel-good atmosphere makes it perfect for the summer. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Tamaraebi said,

When I was young my mum was proper into health and fitness and when she put videos on to do a workout, she would do her squats to Maniac. All my songs are a bit sexy and with this track I wanted something that was also a bit upbeat, so I could move my waistline!