Raelle Shares New Single ‘Sunrise’

London-based singer and songwriter Raelle has just shared her brand new single Sunrise, a Neo-Soul infused piece of R&B about the feeling of falling in love with someone.

I am really enjoying her smooth, honeyed vocals which glide effortlessly over the warm production. I am particularly fond of the piano chords throughout the song and how they are nicely intertwined with subtle guitar lines, groovy horns and steady percussion. Sunrise is a metaphor used to describe the feeling of falling into someone, and being able to be present in that moment with them. Just as you are present and in awe of the sunrise and being washed over with the overwhelming sense of peace, clarity and hope. This lovely message is wrapped around a memorable Neo-Soul infused R&B production with some jazzy touches and an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day at home. Check it out below!