NIGHTMÅNE, an American-Norwegian music duo consisting of Anthony Starble and Sigurd Heimdal, are back with yet another awesome single titled DANCE MY TEARS AWAY. This is a synth-pop anthem and a self-proclaimed ode to dance therapy which comes just in time for the weekend. 

I am a fan of Anthony Starble's bold vibrato-filled vocals which instantly infuse the song with a touch of emotion while making it perfect to sing along to. This is one of those songs that straight away get me in a good mood and wanting to get up and dance. I am loving the retro vibe of the song which is mostly due to their signature analog pulsing synths and drum machines that is now paired with a full string arrangement that nods to classic disco. 

I've got this song on repeat and it has definitely made my day a little brighter. DANCE MY TEARS AWAY's infectious feel-good energy is the perfect therapy to heal a day of sadness and it's perfect for a fun weekend out in the sun. If you're into memorable pieces of electro-pop music with 80s synth and disco vibes and an overall euphoric, feel-good atmosphere, then you'll love DANCE MY TEARS AWAY. Check it out below!