Mahalo & Movada Share New Single ‘High Off Me’ ft. Syon

Time to dance! Hawaii-born, Southern California-residing, music producer Mahalo has teamed up with London-based producer Movada to deliver a gorgeous new single titled High Off Me, out now via Perfect Havoc.

I am loving the song's feel-good atmosphere and I think you will too. For this song the two producers enlisted the help of mysterious vocalist Syon whose soulful tones instantly make the song perfect to sing along to while dancing to it. High Off Me is a darkly atmospheric deep house cut with lush house piano chords effortlessly interwined with infectious synths and percussion that urge the listener to get up and dance. This is one of those songs I'd play when wanting to unwind after a stressful day and its somewhat dark, mysterious vibe makes it perfect for upcoming summer sunset parties by the beach. Have a listen to this gem below!