Madison Beer Shares ‘Reckless’ Music Video

American singer and songwriter Madison Beer has just shared the official music video for her gorgeous single Reckless, out now via Sing It Loud/Epic Records. 

This is a relatable song about how some people tend to hurt their partners and move on without feeling any guilt, and it shares how important it is to find balance within a relationship. I am loving her powerful and passionate vocal delivery that soars effortlessly over the warm, almost cinematic, production packed with lush strings, cool guitars and infectious melodies. 

Now the talented songstress has just its tragically whimsical video, directed by Madison and Amber Park, which finds Madison navigating the confusion of a lover’s betrayal inside a surreal story book world. The twisted fairytale is a melancholic but beautiful journey, with Madison emerging from the turmoil in the end as if awoken from a dream. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Madison Beer said,

I drew a lot of inspiration from classic children’s book themes for this video. I wanted the world for ‘Reckless’ to feel both disorienting and familiar, like a nightmare where nothing is what it seems and there’s no way out. Those are exactly the emotions I’ve gone through in relationships that have turned sour. When someone you’ve given all your trust to betrays you, you feel like everything you’ve ever known was a lie.