Kush Kush & Phrazer Share New Single ‘Little Things’

German platinum awarded DJ and production duo Kush Kush have teamed up with up-and-coming British-Canadian singer-songwriter Phrazer to delivery a groovy electro-pop song titled Little Things, out now via Guesstimate.

This is one of those songs that instantly got me in a good mood, wanting to get up and dance and I think you will love it too. For this song Kush Kush pitched down Phrazer's voice to the overall downbeat vibe of the song which gives it quite a cool touch and making it quite memorable. The way the vocals flow over the upbeat production is quite catchy and will get you singing along in no time. Little Things is a relatable song about the little things that make our everyday life worth the while and is wrapped around an ambient production highlighted by smooth drops, a funky bass line and sentimental melodies. Definitely a great song for a fun summer's day out and about. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Kush Kush said,
Since we were severely restricted by Corona, like all of us, we realized just how important the most normal and smallest things can be. For us, this includes seeing our loved ones or simply sitting down in a café. That was one of the inspirations for the song – reflecting on how well we were doing and that life is not always about the big things. With this song, we want to do contribute our small share in finding back to normalcy.