KEiiNO Share New Single ‘ADDJAS’

Norwegian pop powerhouse band KEiiNO have just shared their brand new single ADDJAS, an electro-pop anthem about not giving up the fight, released in time for Pride month.

This defiant new single is KEiiNO's way to share that it is important to fight for equality and the right to love who you love, drawing upon a lesson from Norwegian history to show it’s worth fighting.

During the controversial construction of the watercourse in Alta, Norway in the 1970s, the indigenous Sámi-people saw first hand how the society at large abruptly disrupted their land. Several in KEiiNO’s Fred Buljo’s family were affected. He explains,

“Áddjá” means grandfather in the traditional Sami language, but is also meant to symbolize your inner voice which advises you to be who you are, never give up, and fight for what you believe in. Luckily, the final plans for the watercourse in Alta were shut down due to the local peoples' courage and fight.

This message is wrapped around a high-energy electro-pop production with bright synths beautifully intertwined with punchy percussion that create an overall euphoric atmosphere perfect for their vocals to soar. I am loving the song's anthemic atmosphere and how its message resonates with a lot of people. Have a listen to this gem below!



Tom Hugo from the band has also fought a battle against greater powers, however this has been more internalized. He says:
The lack of queer role models when I was a teenager made it hard for me to accept myselt for who I was. Even if we’ve come a long way here in Norway when it comes to equal rights for minorities, a lot of people are still fighting internal battles. That’s why it's important to remind people that being an “outsider” is something to celebrate, and that it will get better.
Even though she’s not a part of a minority, Alexandra can still relate to the message of ADDJAS, and how being a part of a community can make it easier to overcome both internal and external fights. She says:
All three of us come from different backgrounds, but still share the same values and desire to fight for our own identity. The bond we have created together with KEiiNO is one of the best things ever happened to me, and has made me more confident in who I am. We have become a family, and I feel a strong connection to everyone who is looked upon as “outside the box.