JP Cooper Unveils New Single ‘Holy Water’

Critically acclaimed UK singer and songwriter JP Cooper has just unveiled his brand new single, Holy Water, a gospel-tinged song out now via Universal-Island Records. I am a fan of JP Cooper's raspy, emotional vocals and how they instantly draw the listener's attention to his storytelling. 

Holy Water is a deeply personal song for Cooper which explores the idea of picking yourself up whenever you fall, a great lesson he learnt from his dad. This message is wrapped around a memorable R&B-tinged pop production (with a gorgeous electric guitar solo) packed with tons of soul that create a warm and intimate atmosphere for his stunning vocals to soar. Check it out below!


Speaking about the inspiration behind the new song JP says,

Holy Water is a song that was half finished for about 5 years. I was raised in a strong Catholic household so questioning yourself and your choices was a big part of what was going on in my mind, especially in my teens, early twenties. There were a lot of things I was doing that I probably shouldn’t have been doing given the way that I was raised. There were lots of parts of myself that I guess I was at war with. My dad was always an amazing example… if you fall down, pick yourself up and keep it moving and I guess for him the church and his faith gave him the opportunity to start again, which is what initially inspired me to write the song. The song is for everyone though, regardless of their beliefs. I think we all, as human beings, want to to evolve and become better people. No matter how many times we let ourselves down, the important thing is to put it behind you, move forward and try to be better the next day. Holy Water is about showing gratitude to the people around me who taught me how to try and do that and how to process that. It doesn’t make me perfect but that’s a huge part of being human.