Jane Mathew Shares Debut Single ‘No One’

Canadian singer and songwriter Jane Mathew has just shared her debut single No One, the lead single taken from her upcoming album, Such Perfect Lives, set to arrive this fall/autumn.
I am very fond of Jane Mathew's delicate, emotive vocals and how they instantly capture the listener's attention to her relatable storytelling. No One is a song about the feelings of loneliness and pain that come when in superficial relationships. I feel that not really caring and not putting your love and effort in a relationship is definitely something sad as many people tend to stay and keep it superficial because they just don't want to be alone. I like the way Jane Mathew brings these feelings in this lovely song that is wrapped around a captivating blend of delicate strums of ukulele that are nicely intertwined with acoustic, electric and bass guitars, lovely piano and organ chords that enhance the song's warmth and emotional content. Quite a great song to listen to while home alone with one's thoughts. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jane Mathew said,
I never questioned it until it happened to someone close to me and I saw all their relationships suddenly turn superficial. No one really cared about digging deeper and trying to understand them, people just wanted things to look nice on the surface. This opened my eyes to how lonely and painful it can be to only have superficial relationships. Yeah, people are being polite and saying hi but it just feels fake because the elephant in the room isn't being addressed.