Jacre Shares New Single ‘No More Summertime’

Jacre, the moniker of British singer and songwriter Julian Ransom, has just shared his brand new single No More Summertime, a cinematic piece of electro-pop music.
Produced by John McLucas, No More Summertime effortlessly blends orchestral and theatrical elements with pop elements which make the song quite unique and memorable. One particular interesting fact is that it took Jacre 35 years to finish this song, making it even more special for the artist. I am really enjoying Jacre's vocals and how they are packed with so much emotion, instantly drawing the listener's attention to his storytelling. No More Summertime is a relatable song about being a misfit and almost giving up until you find that special someone who is also a misfit. This message is wrapped around a memorable production with a cinematic atmosphere perfect for a chill day at home. Check it out below!
Speaking about the song, Jacre said,
It's about being a misfit ("I wrote a song of love and laughter that no-one else could understand"), waiting all your life for the person who would understand you ("Lonely tunes, waiting for the one who’d sing beside me"), finally giving up ("I know that there will be no summer sky, no field of green... no more summertime"). But then she turns up, also a misfit ("But there you stand, made of love and made of laughter that no one else could understand"). You well up with tears ("I sing through watercolours to drown your beauty and my shame") and she joins your song ("I hear you now, hear the gentle voice that sings beside me"). And at last there will be "A summer sky, a field of green" etc.