Ina Shai Shares New Single ‘What Is’

London-based Slovenian singer and songwriter Ina Shai has just shared her brand new single What Is, a soulful and passion-inducing love ballad.
I am loving Ina Shai's powerful, dynamic vocals which swing from soft and sultry R&B to a powerful, soaring, soul-captivating chorus accompanied by a layered gospel choral backing. What Is is a relatable song about being in a relationship and wondering if it is the real deal, true love. This message is wrapped around a warm production packed with a multitude of varying elements ranging from electronic drums and synths to a more organic sax solo. I am particularly fond of Ina Shai's soulful vocals and how the song has an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day at home. Accompanying the release, Ina Shai has shared its official music video directed by award-winning writer/director Maj Jukic which was shot in the beautiful South Coast of England in Bournemouth and Lulworth in Dorset. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Ina Shai said,
The song ‘What Is’ was inspired by a deep, one-of-a-kind soulmate love. It talks about the beauty and intricacy of love as it leaves us wondering: »how do we know this is the real thing«? This song means a lot to me as I’ve written it whilst still in a relationship and now it sort of represents my goodbye to the person I was and everything I thought I knew about love. I think that showing love to yourself is the most important thing as only then we can truly love everyone around Us.